The automotive finance market continues to grow. According to Experian, buy-here, pay-here made up over 12% of the used vehicle finance market share during quarter two of 2018. During that same period, the subprime FICO scores exceeded that of approximately 18% of the U.S. population. Adding the buy-here, pay-here option allows dealerships to serve more customers with reliable transportation and affordable financing. This webinar discusses opportunities for building a profitable outlet for retail trades, an option for credit turn downs, growing without dependency on a manufacturer, and the advantage of converting available or vacant property into a buy-here, pay-here dealership.

Learn how adding the buy-here, pay-here business model to your current organization can provide diversification of business operations and minimize risks while maximizing your financial return. The focus will be specific to Byrider franchise practices and support.

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Webinar discussion topics include:

-Full service approach: Integrating sales, service, and finance enables complete business control.
-Benefits of a franchise system: Objectives are aligned to create a strong and healthy business.
-The numbers behind buy here, pay here: The value lies within ownership becoming the “bank”

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