A good car has the power to transform the convenience of someone’s life. Byrider stands out in the industry because our auto franchise opportunities allow franchisees to offer in-house financing to their customers, effectively cutting out the middle-man and give them greater control over who they’d like to sell to. Here, we’ll show you why Byrider strengthens communities by empowering customers and franchisees alike. 

A Reliable Car Can Change a Life

It’s impossible to overestimate the importance of a reliable car in the U.S. Countless Americans struggle to find transportation because they don’t have access to a car, and instead, are forced to rely on public transportation, ride-sharing services, or their own two feet to get where they need to go. This severely limits their options every day: getting to work, buying groceries, and getting kids to school are all hindered without reliable transportation. 

That’s where our auto franchise opportunities come in. Unlike other car businesses, Byrider offers in-house financing to our customers. That means our franchisees are able to decide for themselves who they’d like to sell to rather than needing to rely on a third-party financer to make that decision for them. By offering high-quality vehicles to a wider range of customers at reasonable prices, our franchisees are able to effectively transform communities one car sale at a time. 

Our Franchisees Come from a Range of Backgrounds

You might think that our auto franchise opportunities require you to have business or finance experience, but that’s simply not the case.  We’ve been in business for decades and have refined our business model down to be easy enough for any qualified franchisee to master. If you’re passionate about cars or just want to make a difference in your community, don’t let your lack of business experience stand in your way. Byrider can help you go into business for yourself with comprehensive training and support that prepares you to effectively leverage our time-tested business model. 

We’ll Work with You Throughout the Process

Throughout the process of applying to become a franchisee and setting up your new dealership, Byrider’s team of experts will support you. The first step is to contact us – we’ll set up a time to talk and give you more information about our brand and what we’re looking for in a franchisee. Once you’ve carefully reviewed the details of the investment and we’ve checked into your qualifications, you’ll be presented with a franchise agreement. Once you’ve signed and paid your initial franchise fee, we’ll work with you to get your dealership up and running by …

  • Providing you with training 
  • Helping you acquire an inventory of quality vehicles
  • Finding the right location for your new business
  • Implementing a grand opening marketing campaign
  • And much more!

As you can see, our auto franchise opportunities don’t take a high-level of business experience. Let us walk you through the process of starting your own business!

Ready to learn more about the auto franchise opportunities Byrider has to offer? Contact us today to start the process!