When starting any new career, it can be easy to feel like you’re under qualified. You may be concerned you don’t have the necessary credentials to succeed, or that you need extensive experience in the auto loan industry to run a profitable franchise. This isn’t the case. The beauty of franchising is that you will be given the support and resources you need – all you have to do is be proactive about using them, and applying yourself completely to the business. Your personality and innate talents are far more important than your resume. Here’s why those with little experience in the auto loan industry can still thrive with a Byrider car loan franchise.

Franchise Support Team

If you’ve never owned a business before, that’s okay. Our team of franchise experts is here to help you through the obstacles that face all new business owners, especially in the car loan franchise industry. Our support team is trained to be able to assist you at every turn, from finance and real estate to training and technology services. We want our franchisees to feel fully supported, and understand that they’re part of a true partnership where assistance is just a phone call away.


Even if you have experience in the auto industry, you’ve probably never run a car loan franchise before. That’s why we offer training at our Byrider Training Center in Carmel, Indiana, as well as various regional training opportunities at different sites throughout the year. Our Byrider Digital University (BDU) is also available — an online opportunity for personnel with limited time. Once our educational offerings have given you a solid foothold in the industry and in your business, you can begin to take advantage of our comprehensive marketing and advertising support. We will provide you with a complete library of marketing materials to help promote the brand and drive traffic to your car loan franchise. This includes a package of pre-produced materials such as TV, print, and internet ads, as well as in-store branding and marketing materials.

Transferable Skills

More crucial to your success than your resume are the personal traits you bring to the table. Embracing hard work, being able to take initiative, work within our established guardrails, knowing when to ask for help, and excellent communication skills, will all play a huge role in your success. Indeed, being able to effectively and transparently communicate with customers and staff is probably the single most important qualification for a car loan franchise candidate.

Regardless of your level of experience, you might just have what it takes to run a thriving car loan franchise. To learn more about the opportunity, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today for more information.