Choosing between starting a new business and a franchise isn’t always easy. As an aspiring entrepreneur, you’ve probably always dreamed of building your own business from the ground up, and that certainly sounds enticing until you actually have to make the time and financial commitments. Many entrepreneurs don’t realize how difficult it can be to establish yourself in a competitive industry, and overcome hurdles obstacles without the benefit of a support infrastructure. While it’s impossible to guarantee success with any business venture, when you pursue one of our used car franchise opportunities you will be better positioned for profitability, and a smooth business ownership process, than if you chose to go it alone. Here’s what you can expect when you invest in a Byrider franchise.

A Proven Brand

Opening your own business might sound exciting, but entrepreneurs face a myriad of hurdles associated with starting a new brand from scratch, and getting it noticed. Creating an entirely new brand requires a massive amount of time and energy, especially when it comes to generating brand awareness and beginning your marketing efforts. When you invest in one of our used car franchise opportunities, however, you’ll have the benefit of an established marketing and advertising infrastructure, and a certain degree of brand awareness that comes with owning a brand people actually recognize.


Independent business owners are just that – Independent. Franchise owners, however, benefit from an extensive support system, expert guidance and a wide range of resources. This includes comprehensive training to prepare you for opening your dealership, and marketing guidance, where you’ll share in the franchisor’s national campaigns.  Our Franchise Support Team will help you attract and retain customers in your community, and overcome any hurdles you may encounter during the process.  You will also be able to attend our franchisee conferences three times per year, to network with other franchisees and feel like part of the Byrider community.


You might not be an independent business owner, but when you take advantage of one of our used car franchise opportunities, you will still enjoy a significant level of independence. While you must still operate within the guardrails set by the franchisor, you will essentially be your own boss, with control over the staffing and day-to-day operations of your franchise. Most importantly for franchisees, you will be able to have full control of your work schedule, allowing you to tailor your workday to the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. You can choose to be in the dealership as much or as little as you like, and structure your work routine however you see fit.

For more information on our used car franchise opportunities, and how owning a Byrider franchise differs from owning an independent business, don’t hesitate to reach out today with any questions.