At Byrider, we realized that there was a large customer segment that the traditional car dealer ship model could not serve. Since customers must typically make multiple stops, between the auto dealer and a separate lender, the process was harrowing and complex for the customer, and less likely to result in business for the dealer. We’ve remedied this by combining retail and lending under one roof. When you run a Byrider franchise, you have unprecedented control over each automobile sale, being both a retailer and lender. This also allows for greater flexibility in your sales, as you can work directly with your customers to agree upon financing that works for both parties. Here’s why a one-stop-shop car franchise is a unique business opportunity.


Customer Convenience

Our business model has been designed to allow dealership to compete in the buy-here-pay-here category, offering consumers cars and financing all in one location. This makes it easier to not only surpass competition that doesn’t offer customers the same level of convenience, but also to create a solid customer experience that will keep them coming back to your Byrider franchise time and time again. By offering both cars and loans under one roof, we have several stories of used-vehicle customers who were able to improve their credit, which allowed them to eventually purchase a new car, qualify for a mortgage, get a college education, and even take vacations.

Unrivaled Customer Satisfaction

By focusing on the customer experience, our Byrider franchises have produced high customer satisfaction numbers, and it’s truly one of the statistics on which we most pride ourselves. Our numbers are among the highest of any business in the automobile category, so it’s no surprise customers are eager to refer us to their families, friends, and co-workers. We currently hold an average 4.2 star system-wide rating between Google, Facebook, and Yelp. We also hold a solid 4.6 star rating on the Consumer Affairs network. Additionally, we received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

The Byrider Difference

When you open a Byrider franchise, you will be truly unique in our industry. We are the only small business franchise opportunity in America that also allows you to function as a bank or lender, truly separating you from the majority of other auto dealers out there. Unlike these other used car dealers, you won’t be reliant upon a lender to make the sale; you will wear multiple hats, giving you a significant amount of control over each sale. It’s no surprise that our unique approach to running an automobile sales franchise has resulted in our position as the largest franchise company in the used car market industry, with the biggest market share.

To learn more about the Byrider franchise opportunity, or to join our team, reach out to us today.