Finding the perfect match between owner and franchise is of paramount importance, and to do that, you first need to understand what is expected of Byrider franchisees. Since you will be running your own franchise, we want our Byrider franchise owners to be able to  effectively manage a team without needing management themselves, not be afraid to take advantage of the resources our system provides you, and be genuinely passionate about bringing a great service to our community. These are the types of people who are truly cut out for a Byrider  franchise.

The Independent-Minded

Working in a traditional corporate environment can be frustrating for many employees. Starting a Byrider franchise means being your own boss and working independently – but you must also be able to take initiative and work without much oversight. We do our best to make the transition from corporate life as smooth as possible, with a support infrastructure designed to give franchisees everything they need to open their business with confidence. This includes guardrails to keep you on track, extensive training, and marketing assistance to create brand visibility in your community.

Those Unafraid to Ask For Help

Franchising is unique in that the franchisor is there every step of the way to offer assistance. However, you must be proactive about seeking out that assistance, and taking advantage of resources.  For example, while you will ultimately be able to choose your own location, we will offer guidance on where a used vehicle dealership would be most viable. We will also help you determine the demographics of your location, accessibility, daily traffic counts, competition, construction costs, and whether there is a sufficient residential and commercial presence to support your used car franchise. These services, along with our dedicated Byrider franchise team, marketing materials, and post-opening support, are all in place to help you make the most of your franchise opportunity. The franchisees who thrive the most are those who take full advantage of our support infrastructure.

Those Who Want to Make a Difference

Owning a Byrider franchise isn’t just about running a profitable business – it’s about providing a service that really benefits your community. We offer consumers cars and financing all in one location, not only making it easier to surpass competition that doesn’t offer customers the same level of convenience, but also to create a solid customer experience. By offering both cars and loans under one roof, we are able to work with customers to get them the best deal possible, ultimately helping them improve their credit and out them in a far better financial situation than if they had gone to a traditional dealership.

If you think a Byrider franchise could be the perfect fit for you, reach out to us today to learn more.