Getting your name out there in your local community is almost as important as who you choose as your franchisor. You might have an amazing product and services for consumers, but if no one knows about it, you’re never going to see a return on your investment. While independent business owners often spend a fortune on branding campaigns, and on ideas to promote their brand name in their community, Byrider has it all figured out for you. When you invest in our franchise, you will receive the benefit of our widely recognized brand name, and won’t have to worry about building a reputation from scratch. You will also receive extensive used car franchise marketing assistance, including a pre-prepared package of resources across a wide range of media.

Our Brand

In our industry, brand is everything. If people recognize you, and have a certain level of trust in your offerings, that will take you a long way in the auto business. With our unique business model, the automobile retailer is no longer reliant upon a lender to make the sale. We allow franchisees to wear both hats – that of a retailer and lender — giving you an unprecedented amount of control over each automobile sale. Being both retailer and lender offers a remarkable business model, which will yield a high return on your investment. And when you franchise with us, making sure you see the fruits of your labor is incredibly important to us.

The Byrider brand has been cited as best in class by being recognized as one of the hottest franchises in the country by Success Magazine, and on The American Business Review on PBS. We belong to the International Franchise Association, NIADA, aPRo, and have been honored  with rankings in the  Entrepreneur Franchise 500 and Franchise Times Top 200.

The Byrider Purpose and Values statements have helped shaped the brand through focusing on customer satisfaction. Our numbers are among the highest of any business in any category — 95% Sales Satisfaction and 91% Service Satisfaction. We have large numbers of customers who are happy to refer us to their families, friends, and co-workers. We currently hold an average 4.2 star system-wide rating between Google, Facebook, and Yelp. We also hold a solid 4.6 star rating on the Consumer Affairs network. Additionally, we received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

The emotional connection between Byrider, its franchisees, and customers is strong. We help change peoples’ lives. As a result of our program, we have story after story of used-vehicle customers who were able to improve their credit, which allowed them to eventually purchase a new car, qualify for a mortgage, get a college education, and even take vacations.

And when it comes to our digital footprint and online reputation, we’re pretty proud.  Our website generates 2.4 million unique visitors, 500,000+  leads, and 25.5  million total pageviews, with 80% of our traffic coming from mobile devices. Our numbers are strong across all categories, and they’re only growing year by year.


When you invest in a Byrider franchise, you’ll immediately become a member of the Byrider Advertising Group Inc. For a monthly fee of $1,500 an entire used car dealer franchise marketing and advertising package can be developed and made available to you. This package includes research-based marketing strategies as well as targeted car loan franchise advertising materials, including TV, radio, print, direct mail, outdoor, and point-of-purchase materials. The monthly fee entitles members to unlimited consultation with the staff of Byrider Advertising Group Inc.

Byrider provides complete end-to-end auto loan franchise marketing and advertising support for all of our used vehicle franchisees. This support includes a package of pre-produced materials such as TV, print, and Internet ads, as well as in-store branding and marketing materials that promote sales, financing, and service. You do not need to spend additional funds creating original materials for your market. The Byrider Advertising Group, Inc. has produced a complete library of materials that simultaneously promote the brand and drive traffic to your dealership.

The Ad Group is a separate company operated and managed by its own president who reports to a board of directors comprised of six franchisees and three corporate representatives. This arrangement allows franchisees to have a greater voice in the direction of the franchise and its marketing efforts. As a franchisee, you have the option to seek the votes of your fellow franchisees to be elected to serve on the board. This is your opportunity to take an active role in the leadership of the company and help define the direction of our entire car finance franchise marketing effort.