Byrider provides complete end-to-end marketing and advertising support for all of our used vehicle franchisees. This support includes a package of pre-produced materials such as TV, print, and internet ads, as well as in-store branding and marketing materials that promote sales, financing, and service.

You do not need to spend additional funds creating original materials for your market. The Byrider Advertising Group, Inc. has produced a complete library of materials which simultaneously promote the brand and drive traffic to your dealership.

The Ad Group is a separate company operated and managed by its own president who reports to a board of directors comprised of six franchisees and three corporate representatives. This arrangement allows franchisees to have a greater voice in the direction of the franchise and its marketing efforts. As a franchisee, you have the option to seek the votes of your fellow franchisees to be elected to serve on the board. This is your opportunity to take an active role in the leadership of the company and help to define the direction of our entire marketing effort.