We’re pretty proud of our franchise, but we know there are other automotive franchise opportunities out there too. So what makes our used car business opportunity stand out from the rest?  Well, Byrider is the nation’s leading used car dealership and finance enterprise, integrating vehicle sales and financing to give franchisees the greatest control over their used vehicle business. Here are some other things that separate us from our competition.

How Are We Different?

As a Byrider auto dealer, you will be unique in our industry. We are the only small business franchise opportunity in America that also allows you to function as a bank or lender. Unlike other used car dealers, you won’t be reliant upon a lender to make the sale. You will be wearing both hats, both retailer and lender, giving you an unprecedented amount of control over each automobile sale. Being both retailer and lender offers a remarkable business model, which will yield a high return on your investment. And when you franchise with us, making sure you see the fruits of your labor is incredibly important to us.

Byrider has defined the dealer-carried finance, used car business for more than 20 years. We do everything we can to make our business stand out from other car dealer franchise opportunities. Byrider is the largest company in the used car market industry and holds the greatest market share and brand awareness. Our commitment to offer a better car, service under company warranty, and superior customer care is what sets us apart.

Startup Assistance

The best part about franchising with us is that you don’t need any prior experience.  No! We actively seek qualified franchisees from a wide variety of backgrounds. Your ability to manage a team and keep them focused on the fundamentals of the used car business is the greatest indicator of your potential success. We provide the training you need in the technical aspects of your small car franchise, and in using our tremendous software model. Your drive and the drive of your staff will determine the level of your success.

Even though signing on to be part of a franchise does come with certain guardrails, you will have unprecedented freedom to forget your own path. This means choosing your own location, with our help.  We will offer guidance on areas where a used vehicle dealership would be viable. We will assist you in considering a variety of factors, including the demographics of the location, accessibility, daily traffic counts, competition, rent and construction costs, and whether there is a sufficient residential and commercial presence to support your used car franchise


Byrider provides a wide array of training opportunities to meet every operational need. Formal training is conducted at the Byrider Training Center in Carmel, Indiana, for sales, service, finance, controller, and management personnel. In addition, regional training is conducted at various sites throughout the year. For in-store training, OnTrack, an online learning opportunity for personnel with limited time. Operations manuals are provided for your reference when you sign a franchise agreement. In addition, expert advice is provided regularly by franchise consultants and functional experts.

To ensure that you make the most of our used car business opportunity, our Franchise Support Team is there to assist you every step of the way. From finance and real estate to training and technology service, Byrider provides complete support for our franchisees so that you can truly provide our customers with better used cars, affordable payments, and better car care to generate maximum profitability.

Hear From Others

Sometimes, the only way you can really know if a franchise is right for you is by hearing from those who have been there before you. Our current franchisees are more than happy to talk about their experiences, and give prospective franchisees all the information they need to know in order to make an informed decision.

Here’s a taste of what our franchisees are saying:

“I came into the auto and finance business without any prior automotive experience. I have been involved in numerous franchises now and in the past – including Hilton, Holiday Inn, PODS, various restaurant franchises and retail fuel and oil operations – and Byrider is unique in that it provides a long term platform of systems and technology that allow for consistent growth and profitability. The pathway to success is established by the fully-integrated business model, which provides strong profitability and equity growth when the proven formula is followed.” — Jeff Anderson, Byrider Franchisee