There are a lot of important things to consider as you research automotive franchise opportunities. The reputation of the brand and the customer demographics they attract are key points, but you should also consider a brand’s business model: Is it efficient? How much room is there for error? Asking questions like these about any company’s business model is important because you want to buy into a system that you’ll be able to effectively master. Read on to learn more about Byrider’s time-tested business model and why it’s worked across the country.

An All-In-One Model

Byrider is the only small business franchise opportunity around that allows franchisees to act as both seller and lender. Other car dealerships may help their customers secure financing, but they’re rarely able to offer this financing themselves. Thus, it’s outside lending institutions that really gets final say in who their customers will be. Byrider, on the other hand, offers in-house financing, giving our franchisees more control over the process and allowing them to serve a wider range of customers. Of course, this model effectively eliminates a “middleman,” greatly simplifying operations for our franchise owners. This is a key differentiator between Byrider and other automotive franchise opportunities.

No Need to Reinvent the Wheel

The great thing about the Byrider business model is that it’s been in place for decades. It’s in part thanks to this longevity that our franchisees don’t need much business experience or a background in car sales. We already have systems in place to efficiently:

  • Find potential customers
  • Secure the high-quality used vehicles that make up our inventory
  • Determine which customers to lend financing to
  • Manage operations and administration

Our corporate team and franchisees agree that there’s no need to tinker with perfection, so our franchisees don’t need to worry about improving or adding to our system – they just need to be dedicated to mastering it. The longevity of our business model is just another reason Byrider stands out from other automotive franchise opportunities.

The Training You Need to Leverage the Model

Regardless of how effective any business model may be, franchisees need the insight and know-how to implement it properly. Other automotive franchise opportunities offer only limited training and support, but we hold ourselves to a higher standard at Byrider. Our franchisees take part in a comprehensive training program that’s designed to get them up-to-speed on how to leverage our business model to its best advantage. Franchisees join us at our headquarters in Carmel, Indiana to learn the basics of day-to-day operations. Along with our assistance on-site at their location, Byrider Digital University for ongoing training, and an open line of communication, our franchisees find that they’re well-prepared to get their business up and running quickly and with confidence. We understand that when our franchisees do well, it benefits our entire brand, so we’re dedicated to helping them make the most of their investment.

Ready to learn more about how Byrider’s business model has other automotive franchise opportunities beat? Contact us today!