Before opening a new franchise, you should always be sure that that franchise is providing a valuable service to your community. With a Byrider automotive franchise opportunity, you will be giving customers not just an auto dealership, but an auto experience. Combine sales and lending under one roof offers truly unparalleled convenience, which your community will appreciate no matter where you’re located. We do our best to help franchisees not only establish themselves in their area, but also help spread the word about their business through comprehensive marketing materials. Here’s why Byrider is the perfect fit for your community.


A Community Favorite

Our business model is unique, in that it has been designed to allow dealerships to offer consumers cars and financing all in one location. This makes it easier for Byrider dealerships to not only surpass competition, but also to create a solid customer experience that will keep them coming back time and time again. By offering both cars and loans under one roof, our automotive franchise opportunity helps customers achieve the best financing possible and improve their credit, allowing them to eventually purchase a new car, qualify for a mortgage, get a college education, and even take vacations. It’s no wonder that new Byrider franchises often become local favorites.

Our Industry

Now is truly the perfect time to take advantage of an automotive franchise opportunity in our industry. There are countless car dealerships out there, and thousands of lenders, but very few combine the two into one, convenient option for customers. It’s no surprise that we average a 4.2 star system-wide rating between Google, Facebook, and Yelp. This feedback speaks to the important role we play in our industry, satisfying consumers’ desperate need for an auto dealership that doesn’t just sell cars, but also assists with financing.

Creating Brand Awareness

In the automotive industry, brand is everything. If people recognize you, and have a certain level of trust in what you’re selling, that takes you a long way in our industry. Luckily, Byrider has been cited as best in class by a range of publications, including Franchise Times Magazine. Creating brand awareness is essential, but doing it on your own isn’t easy. That’s why, for a monthly fee of $1,500, our marketing team will put you in the best position to generate awareness in your local community. This means providing you with a comprehensive marketing and advertising package, including research-based marketing strategies as well as targeted car loan franchise advertising materials. We pride ourselves on offering complete marketing and advertising support for all our franchisees, especially when it comes to our pre-produced materials such as TV, print, and Internet ads, as well as in-store branding and marketing materials.


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