The best part about a used car business opportunity with Byrider is that it truly appeals to a vast audience. Byrider will give customers not just an a used car dealership, but a comprehensive auto experience that meets all their needs in one location. By combining sales and lending under one roof, we offer truly unparalleled convenience, which your customers will appreciate regardless of their background, budget, or where you happen to be located. Here’s why a Byrider used car business opportunity is the perfect way to attract a diverse range of customers.

Our Unique Model

There are countless used car business opportunities out there, and thousands of lenders, but very few appeal to as wide a customer base as we do. Since we combine lending and sales, we are able to work with customers to get them the financing they need, the interest rates that work for them, and generate customer loyalty in the process. Whether you’re looking to buy an upscale car or something within a tighter budget, we have the flexibility to work with you and make that possible. Because of that, customers of all types, from all financial backgrounds, continue coming to Byrider.

The Industry

Now is truly the perfect time to take advantage of a used car business opportunity. We specialize in satisfying consumers’ need for an auto dealership that doesn’t just sell cars, but also assists with financing. According to Experian, buy-here, pay-here made up over 12% of the used vehicle finance market share during quarter two of 2018. During that same period, the subprime FICO scores exceeded that of approximately 18% of the U.S. population. Our buy-here, pay-here option allows Byrider dealerships to serve more customers with reliable transportation and affordable financing. The strength of the used car industry is a good indicator showing the sustained popularity of the used car market, and that our industry doesn’t attract a single, narrow demographic, but a wide range of potential vehicle owners eager for the best customer experience.

A Perfect Community Addition

We owe much of our popularity and customer loyalty to our unique business model. This model has been designed to allow dealerships to offer consumers cars and financing all in one location, making it easier for Byrider dealerships to not only surpass competition, but also to create a solid customer experiences. By offering both cars and loans under one roof, our used car business opportunities help customers achieve the best financing possible, and improve their credit.

To learn more about the wide range of customers you can attract with our used car business opportunity, reach out to us today.