One of the most exciting aspects of our car business opportunities is that they’re flexible. Some of our franchisees choose to take an active role in the day-to-day management of their dealership, while others act as absentee owners. Some of our franchisees even operate multiple franchisees, dividing their time between each. Whatever type of owner you aspire to be, Byrider has the car business opportunities to match your goals. 

A Time-Tested Business Model

Our franchisees can enjoy flexibility because we’ve developed a business model that’s already ready to be implemented at your location. We’ve already figured out the most effective ways to find great customers, stock our dealerships with quality used cars, manage records, attract great employees, and much more. Our franchisees learn the secrets of our business model by taking part in a comprehensive initial training program. They also have access to training resources once they’re back in their dealership, helping them and their employees stay up-to-date on best practices. Once they’ve mastered the system, it’s simple to implement it yourself or delegate operations tasks to a trusted manager. Our car business opportunities are ready to go without needing to rework processes yourself. 

Opportunities for Growth

Whether you’re planning on taking a hands-on role or not, there’s lots of potential for growth built into our car business opportunities. Our processes are designed to help you see a return on your investment as quickly as possible so that you can put your money to work growing your business. Over time, some franchisees choose to expand the size of their business so they can accommodate even more customers. Still, other franchisees grow their holdings by opening multiple dealerships in their state. Multi-unit franchisees should expect to delegate a good deal of the operations workload to managers in each location, but they can still feel free to divide their time between locations if they choose. 

Flexibility is the Name of the Game

Owning your car dealership is no small undertaking, even when you partner with an industry powerhouse like Byrider. That being said, we want our franchisees to enjoy more freedom and flexibility than they did in their previous careers. If you’re coming from the corporate world, chances are you’re used to working on someone else’s schedule for someone else’s profit. You won’t need to worry about either of these concerns as a Byrider franchisee. Our car business opportunities are designed to allow you to manage your schedule: you can decide for yourself which tasks to take on yourself and which to delegate to others. This makes it a lot easier to arrange school pickups, attend family functions, spend time with friends, or go on vacation, all when you choose – not when it’s convenient for someone else. 

Are you ready to enjoy a new career in the car industry? Contact us today to learn more about our car business opportunities.