These days, more and more of us are looking for ways to balance work and family, and it’s not easy. Oftentimes, the demands of our jobs require us to be away from our loved ones for extended periods, and that can be hard on relationships. But the good news is, a used car business opportunity with Byrider is a great way to combine both your need to be at work and your desire to be with family. Many of our franchisees began their careers with Byrider as husband and wife teams, sometimes even working side by side with their older children — making their franchises true family businesses! So, if you’re looking for a way to be your own boss while spending more time with your family, a Byrider franchise might be just the ticket.


The Byrider Difference

Byrider is the only franchise opportunity that allows you to function as both a retailer of quality used cars and a lender of the funds necessary to purchase them — a Buy Here, Pay Here business model that has proven to be highly successful. Over the last several decades, we’ve become the largest company in the used car industry, holding the greatest market share. We’ve been recognized and ranked as a top used car business opportunity by important outlets like Success Magazine, Entrepreneur, and Franchise Times — all of which translates into expansive brand awareness.  Our unique approach allows franchisees to exert greater control over their businesses, and their lives. All this makes us a great opportunity for families to take advantage of when they decide to go into a business together.


We Train You for Success

If you’re worried that you can’t take advantage of a used car business opportunity with us because you have no prior experience in our industry, or in retail in general, don’t worry! Your ability to manage a team and keep them focused on the fundamentals is what’s most important. Beyond that, we’ll make sure you’re prepared to do business by offering a variety of training opportunities that’ll cover everything you need to know about running your Byrider franchise. Formal pre-opening training at our dedicated center in Indiana, regional training at various sites throughout the year, and 24/7 access to our online education platform, OnTrack, are just a few of the ways we prepare you and your family members to run your franchise. Our proprietary operations manuals, and the regular expert advice provided by our franchise consultants, help to round out the support.


Help Others Take Care of Their Families

One of the things we’re most proud of at Byrider is the fact that our Buy Here, Pay Here model allows honest, hardworking men and women to purchase a quality used car at a fair price, and establish or reestablish their good credit in the process. So many of our customers have been able to make positive changes in their lives by improving their credit scores through us, allowing them to eventually qualify for a mortgage, receive student loans, or take family vacations. When you become part of the Byrider brand, you’ll be able to help the members of your community in the same way.


Become Part of Our Family

When you open your Byrider franchise, you become part of our brand family — and we like to get together! Franchisees meet regularly throughout the year at our annual convention in November and two smaller gatherings in early spring and late summer. These are perfect times to network and share information, and we use these events to conduct forums on policies, processes, and brand growth. We know the Byrider name is only as successful as each and every one of our franchisees, which is why we make sure to dedicate regular opportunities to keep them up to date and ready to take advantage of our industry.


Are you ready to start a family business with Byrider? We’d love to hear from you, so get in touch today!