Starting a new business from scratch can be tricky, primarily because you have little to no brand awareness, and must create enthusiasm about your company out of thin air. With a Byrider franchise, you won’t have that problem. Due to our unique business model and unrivaled convenience, customers immediately know what it means to have a Byrider experience. By combining retail and lending under one roof, we’ve revolutionized the industry and established ourselves as a major player in the auto sales industry. Here’s what you can expect when you attach yourself to the respected Byrider franchise name.


A Proven Brand

Opening your own business is always difficult, but it’s even tougher when you have no brand recognition. When you start a business from scratch, you’re tasked with getting the word out yourself, and that can mean encountering quite a few obstacles. When you invest in a Byrider franchise, however, you’ll have the benefit of an established marketing and advertising infrastructure, and the brand awareness that comes with owning a brand people recognize.  Customers know the Byrider brand, and immediately associate our name with convenience.


Customer Convenience

Indeed, our business model is unique in our industry because of the incredible convenience it affords customers. We offer cars and financing all in one location, making it easier for Byrider franchises to not only surpass competition that doesn’t offer customers the same level of convenience, but also to create a solid customer experience that will keep them coming back. By offering both of these essential services under one roof, we have many stories of customers who were able to finally afford the car of their dreams, as well as improve their credit.


The Byrider Difference

The best part about opening a Byrider franchise is that you will be truly unique in our industry. We are the only small business franchise opportunity in America that also allows you to function as a bank or lender, which truly separates us from the majority of other auto dealers out there. Unlike many other companies in our space, you won’t be reliant upon a lender to make the sale. You will wear multiple hats and will be able to handle a wide range of customer needs. Our unique approach to running an auto loan franchise has resulted in Byrider becoming the largest company in the used car market industry, and with that distinction comes a considerable amount of brand recognition.

To learn more about how the Byrider franchise opportunity is unique, and how the Byrider brand name can help propel your business to the next level, reach out to us today.