Now is a better time than ever to start researching used car franchise opportunities like Byrider. We’ve been around for decades, making a name for ourselves as a trustworthy used car dealer with flexible financing options. In the U.S., our services are invaluable to our customers who need a trustworthy vehicle to go about their lives. Read on to learn more about why industry trends make now a great time for newcomers to enter the field. 

A Growing Industry

The used car dealership industry is worth around $118 billion and is growing steadily. IBISWorld reports that greater access to credit and disposable income over the last five years has enabled more consumers to upgrade their vehicle or to purchase a car when they couldn’t before. This has been great news for entrepreneurs in the business, as more dealerships have been popping up over the last five years. Byrider can help our franchisees to take full advantage of this industry growth with our used car franchise opportunities. We provide franchisees with support every step of the way, from setting up shop in just the right part of town to stocking their dealership with a wide range of quality vehicles that are sure to catch the attention of your target customers. 

Helping People Get the Job Done

Another reason that now is a great time to invest in one of our used car franchise opportunities is that many Americans rely on their personal vehicle to do their job. Not only do food delivery drivers, newspaper delivery drivers, and independent couriers need a great car in order to make their rounds: many Americans now participate in rideshare services to supplement their income. Professionals like these need reliable cars or their income is in jeopardy – taking the bus simply isn’t an option. With around two million Americans now offering rideshare services alone, now is a great time to invest in a business that provides them with access to the vehicles they need. 

Why Choose Byrider?

If you’re already researching used car franchise opportunities, you know that you have your choice of avenues to break into the industry. If you’re an experienced corporate professional, you might even be thinking of starting your own business independently. However, partnering with Byrider is a much better option. For one thing, we have decades of experience setting up new dealerships and we can help you avoid many of the pitfalls experienced by new owners. Not only will we guide you through the process of setting up your new dealership, but we’ll also provide you with coaching and support once your doors are open, helping you stay on the right track as you work to grow your investment. Along these lines, our ability to offer in-house financing to customers is our major differentiator and sets us apart from other industry franchisors. 

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