When you quit your corporate job to go into business for yourself, one of the major reasons is likely because you’re sick of the rat race, and not being in charge of your own schedule. With a Byrider used car franchise, you will enjoy unprecedented freedom and flexibility in a thriving industry, and be able to live out that entrepreneurial dream you’ve always envisioned. With a comprehensive support infrastructure designed to give you numerous resources to open you business with confidence, and the autonomy to run the day-to-day aspects of your business, you’ll finally be your own boss – but with the backing and support of a proven brand. Here’s how a Byrider franchise gives you the freedom you’ve always wanted.



When you invest in our used car franchise, you will immediately notice a difference from the corporate life you left behind. Of course, you must still operate within the framework we put in place, but you will essentially be your own boss, with control over the staffing and day-to-day operations of your franchise. You will also have full control of your work schedule, so you can tailor your workday to the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. No more meticulously managing your vacation days or trying to find someone else to pick up your kids from soccer practice. You can choose when you work and how often you work, and which tasks you’d like to delegate to others.


Our Brand Advantage

One of the reasons you have more independence with our used car franchise opportunity than opening a business from scratch is because of our established brand identity. Entrepreneurs who go it alone face a myriad of hurdles associated with starting a new brand from scratch. Creating an entirely new brand requires a massive amount of time and energy, especially when it comes to generating brand awareness, beginning your marketing efforts, and getting the word out to your local community. When you invest in one of our used car franchises, however, you’ll be able to take advantage of our established marketing and advertising infrastructure, and the brand awareness that comes with owning a brand people trust and recognize.



Independent business owners often undergo a significant amount of self-education before they can fully understand their business and become profitable. Byrider franchise owners, however, have an extensive support system at their fingertips, including expert guidance and a wide range of resources. Our comprehensive training prepares you to open your dealership, and through our marketing guidance you will be able to share in our national campaigns.  Our Franchise Support Team will help you attract customers to your used car franchise, as well as overcome any hurdles you may encounter during the process. We also encourage you to attend as many of our franchisee conferences as you can. We hold three each year to help our franchisees network benefit from being part of the Byrider community.

For more information on our used car franchise opportunity, and how owning a Byrider franchise will give you the professional freedom you’ve always craved, reach out today with any questions.